CloudFolder 1.1

Provides convenient desktop access to a CAStor storage cluster
1.1 (See all)
Caringo, Inc.

CloudFolder connects directly to a CAStor storage cloud from a Microsoft® Windows desktop folder. Anything you put in Caringo's CloudFolder is automatically moved to your private CAStor cloud. CloudFolder is an online, scalable repository that protects files without impacting workflow.
CloudFolder stores and protects files on a remote, network accessible CAStor storage cluster. Simply designate an archive folder, and all files placed in that folder will be archived to the specified CAStor cluster. Local disk space is reduced when a file is stored. The protected files remain accessible and can be restored at any time.
CloudFolder, powered by StorScape, provides convenient desktop access to a CAStor storage cluster deployed within an organization or on the Internet. End-users can easily archive files to a remote CAStor storage cluster either by dragging and dropping or copying them into the designated CloudFolder. It ensures important files are preserved and protected as well as reduces storage consumption on the local disk by storing files to a CAStor cluster.

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